Freddy and Cute Dog are Best Friends: Cute Dog Maymo

Freddy Krueger and Cute Dog are Best Friends: Cute Dog Maymo
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Watch funny dog Maymo get pranked by Freddy Krueger for Halloween. This cute beagle dog isn’t afraid of any horror movie monster, not even this spiky gloved creep from Nightmare on Elm Street. The two become unlikely friends, in what turns out to be a very cute pairing.


Langpu Yacha says:

Maymo is so much cute 😍😍🐩🐩🐩😘😚😝😜

Summer Hickens says:

Aww so cute

Copito Yunior says:

Maymo 🐇🐰 yo soy tu refrán

Артём Рябой says:


ghost gamer18 says:

She or he is chill

Mvid Mvid says:


Mvid Mvid says:


Mvid Mvid says:

Ещё извини одно слово плохое Извини меня попросите парарарара

Mvid Mvid says:


Adi Sadikovic says:

Fvs com fis

Gonzalo Lopez says:

😀 😀 😀

veronica ruiz says:

I love all of your videos 👍🏼😜😂😂😂

Makayla Harris says:

0:29– Maymo: I can't waste my time with trash like you.
0:33– F.K: (Pushes Maymo out of itching position)
0:35– Maymo: YOU WANT TO FIGHT B!!!
0:40– Maymo drops Freddy Krueger😂😂

Glen Guerrero says:

i like your dog he so cute but i have dog is name pogi

MARIOKILLER 2018 M says:

Fack no kill :'(

Mya Harkness says:

I know that God is not real 💩💩💩💩💩👿🤢🔒🚳💯🚫📛🇱🇷💔

Darken NoShinka says:

Can Maymo tame Freddy just like he tamed Jason lets find out

J Day says:

Freddy raped and murdered kids. But he would never do that to dogs.

Freddy Kruger says:

That's my kind of dog.

Dakota Colley says:

Now if Freddy attacks in real life your dog will think it’s a joke

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