scooter dogs wear sneakers

Scooter dogs Mia & Guizmo wear sneaker
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Jesuschrist IsLord says:

Now I'm going to have to find my Boston some shoes….

doug marcus says:

love the louis jordan tune too.

barbara chipley says:

check out those tiny shoes!!!

Zombie Guy says:

More please this was so amazing and funny to watch

Pitbulls_ Are_sweet_ says:

Boston Terriers are American not english

CCM Macaroon says:

My boxer acted just like a human. She saved me from another dog when I was a baby.

Normie says:

oh my god thats adorable

D says:

I ALWAYS have BT's They are the best! HOW did you train them?? They seem to like it… hopefully it's not uncomfortable

vince piper says:

how the hell did you train them to do this? you should post training video so I can get my boston to do this

Kerry Campbell says:

I cannot love this enough! He's having fun and bringing smiles to so many! Adorable!!!!

Claudia Samuels says:

You made my dad and mom smile. Thank you so much for sharing your Boston babies with the world. I am in love! 🐾💋🎅🏽🎄 Merry Christmas ❤️🐾‼️

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