Relaxation Music Therapy Music Video For Your Anxious Loving Dog

Hello subscribers and hello if your stopping for the first time. We greet you with open arms. A lot of dogs are nervous by nature and some have separation anxiety when you have to leave work or play.
Any situation when you can’t bring your dog (s) so with my education in dog sciences I have put together a calming soothing musical video just for those who’s dogs suffer from anxiety or other disorders and puppy weaning and crying and it has been relief for a lot of folks and we hope we can ” Relax Your Dog House ” all these videos are tested with my families 3 rescue dogs not the entire video, but at least an hour before they even get uploaded. We are grateful for your support and we hope the nest will come out of it. Our love of dogs is from the heart an we know yours is too. Remember that sometimes results do happen the first time and this was found out by the comments, but sometimes it may take a little time, so patience is key and please don’t give us a thumbs down because first time it didn’t work. Because it works for so many it only means that it may take sometime, but I see the change usually with in a 4-7 times with the little more stubborn dogs. So please give us a chance to help. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and we love all dogs so it is heartbreaking to see a person write ” It didn’t work and the music was annoying” They never mention the dog only themselves and there comment removed, but we have to deal wit a thumbs down. Be honest so we know how to make things better for the dogs. Whether it is in response to a comment or a hater or troll who just doesn’t care.
Usually the descriptions are not this long, but I have decided that it would be a good idea every 5 videos to explain what happens luckily we have only had about 5-6 bad comments and we don’t know if we are dealing with a hater or a troll. All we know is we do it from the heart and if we didn’t succeed it breaks my heart because a lot goes in to this. Thank You, Creator Relax My Dog House


Laurie Turner says:

I was so happy to see a new video and especially how long it was (sometimes I have to work long days). I love most of the music… but can't stand the little "electronic squealing" or "whirring" noises that play on and off throughout it. Ugh… completely ruins it for me.

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