Cats and Dogs Fight ! Who wins ? – Funny Cats vs Dogs Compilation


suga says:

Bunnys wins

Ramon angelo Giron says:

This is so cute

Paige Swenson says:

U in half the video when the cat slaps the dog that means WAKE UP

Dynamite Kitty 2 says:

2:01 Cats are smart and dogs… WHAT ARE THESE THINGS!?!? THEY ARE JUST THINGS THAT ARE TGE OTHER THING THAT CHASE CATS (The others are cats, Cat tyle ia like ghost-type and dragon-type.

CupGaming says:


Killer Cook says:

Dogs:1 cats:0000000

tyler 21 savage says:

Both white savage 6:59

tyler 21 savage says:


tyler 21 savage says:


tyler 21 savage says:


tyler 21 savage says:

🐢 vs 🐁

Ambol says:


Master of spinjitsu Doom says:

me: siri give me a beat
I could do this all day
me: 😠😠😠

Jacob Foss says:

The dogs are afraid of the cats because, save a select few breeds, they are dumb compared to cats.

Magdalena Kohler says:

Hand alarm message slide transfer someone chop carbon seemingly.

Pedro says:

THERE WAS ANIMAL ABUSE IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! The poor cat was choking! Both basically win and humans lose.

Pedro says:

4:12 DOGE!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

Ćečiłlïã says:

Spell I love cats with your eyes closed here is my attempt

I luve keets

Allaround Nicole says:

It so funny 🐱vs🐶

KELLY M says:

Cats! Wins dogs doll

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