Scared abandoned dog hides in a spot that we couldn’t reach, so I had no choice but…

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I just posted an update on HULK – please check it out here and look out for his intense video:

Loreta has some really amazing photo updates too:


Wheat Spider says:

Looks like my dog she got an Instagram at cleopleakley I swear they related

JoeNuts says:

This video was really wholesome, but why the clickbait?

Manthan Kuber says:

I would have definitely adopted him if i wasnt in India 😔

Samaiya Day says:

I cry every time I watch these videos!😭❤️

silent observer says:

the way you titled this vid….."had no choice but to put him down is what i concluded. click bait

Cat Lover says:

#33 on trending!!😄😄

Caleb Anthony says:


Gerry Blue says:

I had vouched not to cry on Fridays, there goes that, damn…

Giuly Aventuras says:

I love your videos😢😢😢😢😜😛❤❤💗💗💖💖💝💜💜💜

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gurucarcar says:

keep up the good work Hope for Paws! You rock!

Felipe Quintana says:

Save the pupper

GimmieThatBooty McBooty says:

Well rescued❤️ 10/10 Soo cute❤️

Setsuba says:

Step aside PETA, this is how you save animals.

Quentin Lozano says:

What type of dog is that?

Ray Good says:

If only we loved each other the way we love dogs.

Sarah Pfeuffer says:

I didn’t expect to cry during this video

Miftachul Hadi says:

me knowing that this video will make me cry


Mike Best says:

Ha, skimmed through the video without playing it to see past your click bait and not give you a view!


Why can't we do this for humans? We just walk past them like they're not even there.

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