Stupid dog tricks

This is the funniest and coolest dog we have met on our trip. he was a pet at Hospidaje los Troncos in Futaleufu, Chile.


Razzle12345 says:

Oh wow, i dont know why i posted that comment a year ago! Sorry about that i guess? I dont think thats cruel at all! Rofl!
That's cute 🙂
I love it when dogs do that, yours seems to have extremely sharp and white teeth.
Did you do anything to strengthen the teeth or something?

adv4ever says:

We have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that does the same exact thing. She LOVES it! I also have a German Shorhair Pointer who plays in his water bowl. The two of together are swimming machines! It isn't cruel…you obviously haven't been around many dogs that love water any way they can get it! Whether it be from a hose, a bowl, a lake or river…doesn't matter to them as long as they can play!

chaska108 says:

dude,,,,, waiting to see more new videos from you guys…
gringo jeff

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