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Cutest Puppies Howling Compilation 2014 [NEW]
Puppies Barking – A Cute Dogs Barking Videos Compilation [CUTE]
Funny Dogs Barking


Reyle Alegria says:

this actually make my dog cry with it😥😥😥😥

Trisha Cuevas says:

My dog attacked me

LPS Dragon Family says:

My dog just licked her nose lol

Emily Greenberg says:

Omg my dog kept tilting his head at the phone

Stephanie Garcia-Suarez says:

My dog was like where thou and ears where up!🤷‍♀️😂

Katie Garland says:

my dog just turn it's head

Diamonds, rubies, and Gems /DRG Payton says:

My dog came over to investigate where the puppy cry was coming from

M&M Productions says:

My dog just stared and tilted her head at me

Meghra O'Conner says:

My dog just tackled me haha

Little A.G. says:

Dog's cry is actually why I always end up stopping my beautiful daydream and get outside my house to check on my dog to know what was wrong. Turns out, they just want to get inside the house and scratch our sofa…

exo appreciation says:

my dog just faced his butt on me and turned his head around looking at me

Pearl Lynn Anquillano says:

my dog was sleeping peacefully when i played this 😂

bella brazzell says:

My dog tilted her head at the screen and eventually she started crying because it wasn’t a real toy (second sound) and she jumped at the screen once LOL

Itz Cookie says:

They tilted there heads lmao like what da heck

Edgar Gonzalez says:

My dog is always wondering were the sound comes from🐶🐕😂😂

EndieGLX - Gamimg says:

No one was harmed in the making of this video

Except my ears

Alexa Villalobos says:

My puppy’s head was moving one side then another then she started running

Salamence Rulez says:

My were tilting their heads like crazy ;-; XD

Estela T. says:

En el del perrito mi perra volteó la cabeza y le empezo a oler el trasero al cachorro de la imagen 😂

PigQueen1908 says:

She tilted her head to a meme

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