my stupid dog (Oliver) the beagle

my stupid dog (Oliver) the beagle. His nose gets him in trouble all too often…yes he got himself in there! I come in from the garage and there he is stuck in the trash can….HA!…anyway, I had to help him out…


lacrymal1 says:

You know you own a beagle when you bolt your trash can to the counter! We used to have to keep one of those huge garbage cans with wheels and a locking lid in our kitchen because of our beagle. They will stop at nothing to get food.

Tempermental95 says:

Just the average beagle with the brain of a domestic turkey. I would know. I had two and they were dumber than a leaf and a stick trying to make a tree.

Cherri K says:

LOL! BUSTED! My beagle doesn't climb in. She pushes the trash can over….if it isn't against the wall.

Silviu Filip says:

@monzav8 Y U NO leave nature tend fot itself?!?!

Ruth Jorolan says:

@eldalejand from 0:00 to 0:04 shows that beagle with a mighty grin on his face! They're very annoying but so adorable at the same time!

3511putnam says:

I had an Oliver the Beagle too. Same thing. Stupid. God, I miss him though.

Don S. says:

I think it's pretty smart, actually. How many dogs could leap into the can without tipping it over? In fact, it represents a level of physical dexterity that can't easily be explained. I don't even think a cat could do that.

DarcieLea says:

Awwww, silly puppy. Makes me miss my beagle 🙁

Spild says:

He ated all the fud in da trash!

shortysax says:

That's awesome! Mine looooves to tip over the trash can and eat everything in it. But she's never been inside it, to my knowledge!

72JamJars says:

only came across this vid today…oliver may have been stupid but he sure looked cute at the same time!

Will says:

These dogs are somehow smart yet deeply stupid.

ScottishAccent7 says:

omg this is the funniest thing ive ever seen

StormChaser says:

LOL He's kind of smiling.

Jal1515 says:

maybe you should hide your trash when you're not home… 😉 .. you never know, because one day your dog will get in there and he can possibly die from what he ate.

screwoffreg says:

tEH FAIL!!!!

Derek Yau says:

Fail beagle is funny and cute.

LukeL007 says:

Look at those eye and big tounge. Dogs love to act all cute when they know they did something wrong

ultralight9 says:

oliver in the trash…nice.. hope olover is doing ok. i had a beagle that destroyed trash cans..if you leave food in them ..they will go and get it…lol.

laurelynmage says:

did he get himself in there? funny.

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