Shiba Dog Meets Baby Brother!

Haru the Shiba Inu finally meets her younger brother, Abram! She is so gentle and loving already. Many new exciting videos to come!

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peachyjimin 자기 says:

Oh my goodness he’s so adorable

Oh the baby is cute too

ilikemonkeys says:

congrats!!! what a cute little baby 🙂 those two are going to be best buds.

Rhetz Yoshioka says:

Haru has something to protect now… kawaii..

MarMar09271 says:


Lustrous Pinetree says:

I think i am gonna cry

Akita Adventures says:

what an great adventure!! i hope you all have a happy long life , with abram. I Myself have an Akita Inu but shiba’s are also amazing dogs

Reaction time with Brendon says:

Congrats on the little one I hope he grows up to be amazing

Tikeya Winston says:

Congratulations! He’s so cuuute

parul verma says:

Abram is so cute. Love you abram

Eyasmin Chowdhury says:

OMGGG congrats on your cute little son!!! so happy for you guys ❤

YaBoiGuzma Gaming says:

Shibe does a confoos at smol human

Cucumber says:

What a good big sister.

DessertPervert says:

This is so pure and precious. Anybody know what camera these use to capture these moments?

PrinceZ1228 says:

How much does a shiba inu cost?

Karla Edith says:

At least you don’t need a nanny, your doggoooo is enough haha ❤️

Ruby Bulling says:


Cookie the Cat says:

Congrats! Haru will be a great big brother.

Depression Girl says:

Haru: who is dis lady hooman?? You: its your baby brother! Haru: I must protect smol Holman!! He is mine!

Michelle Ahn says:

Ah! So you guys are Korean! I had my suspicions. Congratulations by the way!

CallMeHusky says:

“is it food?”

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