Dogs protecting their babies videos 2018 – Dogs protecting puppies

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Snigbe Playz says:

I understand the dogs who protect from Asians

TheHellRaiser DemonLord says:

It's weird how the mother doesn't let the father touch any of HIS puppies

TheHellRaiser DemonLord says:

Parents: No my puppy don't touch her/him no no no stay away mine go go go

Johanna says:

Sir, don’t touch the babies

Text Story Maker says:

Some of the people here are giving them commands to do this stuff

Gorilla man says:

Mommy dog: naa bruh I seen what you did with the last dogs, ain't gonna let you eat my babies 😂


How to make your day from 0 to 100 real quick

Vaidis LTU says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sssssooooo cuuuutteee😄

Mechmanjj says:

Ha!!! Instinct to protect thier young because they Chinese want to eat them.

nick diaz says:

Pinches chinos
Me la van hacer comida

DONTUO Harris says:

You'll notice only one puppy in most of the video with each of the dogs, they know it's their last pup and don't want to lose him

Wolf Lover says:


G2 Andru says:

pls dont eat it 🙁

HoopLah clunk says:

Sorry the title is wrong, it should be Bitches protecting their babies

Arely Garibay says:


إبن الفراتين says:


Cristiano Ronaldo says:

Dogs fearing Chinese owners, what a strange coincidence…

lps 100 says:

Why most golden retriever

Matt Tian says:

1:19 saddens me
What happened to this poor dog ;-;

Mica Chan says:


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