German Shepherd Does Math (Amazing Dog Trick!)

Solea demonstrates her basic math skills!

New training tutorial in 3 days!

**There are no editing tricks in this video. All the audio/video is authentic**


Bhola Ram Bhola Prajapati says:

What is the method for this whole method

swayam songs says:

how to teach

Eve Perrin says:

That's amazing 👍

xrs cool74 says:

this isn't good if you're rewarding him when he barks ur just encouraging him to bark

Abby Charron says:

Honestly that dog barked 8-6 quicker then I could think of it…

Mitch Williams says:

You guys are so gullible! The owner is using hand signals to get the dog to stop barking when it gets to the correct answer. The dog is NOT doing math. It is simply responding to some kind of signal to stop barking. If the answer is 12 he will just simply let the dog keep barking until it gets to 12 and then give the signal. I can't believe people are so stupid…

Gigi Pizzuto says:

My dog will never learn this one…I can't get him to bark to teach him to speak. The only time when he barks is with the neighbor's dog and not all the times. I tried with leash, with a gate tossing his favorite toy, I tried getting impatient with a treat. He simply gives up and sits waiting for another command. I tried with the leash making think we were going out, he simply whines. Knocks or doll bell don't bother him…My gsd simply doesn't bark lol

Sukhvir Kaur says:

How did u teach pls tell pls pls pleaseeeeeee 🙂

Georgia Tasoula says:

how are you doing this??

Leonard Dcruz says:

thi is a easy trick he is jut
 telling which number to minu or plus the actual trick is he is telling the dog to bark how much times still a good one keep it up

xXdyinginsideXx says:

How do you teach a dog to do that?

Alex yu says:

whats root 4 + root of 25? then all i hear is crickets in the field and dog runs off maybe

Will Mac says:

There is a trick that you can do with your hand by using it as a mouth and constantly opening and closing to make the dog bark. I think he is doing this behind the camera. the trick is still pretty hard to do I suppose.

yawhause says:

Whether or not she really does math …she's still smarter than most of the people I know….

Piggy Mines says:

This is amazing! Even if shes not really doing math, and just being trained to bark 3 times for 2+1 or something.  Great dog you have there.

Jasmine Saunders says:

this is amazing.

PokeWeavile says:

Please teach this trick

A. M. Goudarzi says:

is she using her memory or she "to some limited extent of course" calculates?

Noid Dion says:

wow thats so CUTE

Von Kabs Kennel says:

this dog is amazing pls try and show us how u did it i will love to practice it with my shepherd

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