Why you shouldn’t Play Soggy Doggy with Dog | Baby Laura and Charlie the Dog

Official Charlie the Dog video of ,, Why you shouldn’t Play Soggy Doggy with Dog ”
Everybody says that soggy doggy is a game for everyone, but I think you should not play this game with a dog
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Jennifer Donizeti says:

Gente não da pra não amar❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

pramana rio says:

Laura so beautiful 😍😍

Bosingr says:

Charlie took an unplanned shower & now he's giving Laura one.

Pam Duncan says:

That is the cutest game I have ever seen! And so sweet of Charlie to try and dry Laura off! You have a great team there, but I take it that Lilly is still a bit too young to play? 🙂

ZubularMobile says:

Too much cuteness! Laura is such a great big sister!!!

philip russell says:

Haha, very well made funny vid.

Heavenguy Heavenguy says:

Angel and best friends great

Sandra Behnken says:

You can see that they both have a lot of fun with this Game. 😊
Nice greetings to all of You🐶🐶👫and 👧🏼

KELLEY Stephens says:

Aww Laura got a double dose of doggie shakes, SO cute, love the water droplets on the screen, genius!!

Paris Kalachnikov says:

Laura is blossoming into a beautiful young lady ❤

Palfeb31987 says:

Wow! Charlie rolling the dice… Hope Laura won't catch cold… Lovely friends playing with each other… Always a treat to watch them.

C WONG says:

Laura is very pretty. The dog-in-bath-tub toy is very interesting! Again, a very well made video, thanks for sharing with your viewers and fans!

ChouTube Yannel says:

I shall like to challenge Charlie to a game of poker, man to man, cigars and all.

Gautam kumar says:

I love your vlogs

Barbara Jeanne Brennan says:

Two soggy doggies and a soggy lady. lol

Nicole 17 says:

😍😍😍 ♥♥♥~~^^

pippo pippo says:

Piccolina bel cane

Meta Ellyana says:

This is soo much fun

Cratos Danty says:

Can i join with u 😳 ?? Soo adorable 😍😍

MadHatterDJ says:

Ahah! ❤️

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