AMAZING! cute baby vine snake stretches – Cute baby vine snake attacks towards camera.

We discovered this juvenile vine snake (Ahaetulla nasuta) dangling from a branch whilst tracking King Cobras in Agumbe, India. As you can see they are incredibly well camouflaged and move much like a vine blowing on the wind. They use this incredible camouflage to hide and hunt, casually swaying back and forth, moving closer and closer to an unsuspecting frog or lizard. They are mildly venomous, and I can understand why a lot of the locals fear them, but there’s nothing to worry about from this little chap. Its fangs would barely penetrate my skin, and although their venom is potent enough to knock out a few frogs it wouldn’t have much effect on me. When they do attack they often have to chew a bit just to get the venom in! I’ve seen many pictures of these snakes, often with the limp body of a giant lizard dangling from their mouths, and so I was pretty excited to finally see one in person.

Although relatively harmless it’s still a good idea to handle them gently and carefully – like you would any animal. The key is to just let them slide through your hands as if on a branch, and never ‘grasp’. I’ve read that when stressed vine snakes will inflate their bodies, making themselves look larger and more aggressive and revealing black and white markings which look like a chequers board. The most shocking part of their threat display however, is that they gasp and open their incredibly pink mouths. I’m pleased to say that I didn’t see any of this – my experience passed with a mutual understanding of curiosity!

If you’re unsure about a snake then the best thing to do is keep your distance and let them get on with doing their snakey things.


Jeff Cake says:

i would not touch them in my life there venomous all vine snakes are

Christiana Wilkinson says:

They are venous but they aren't fatal to humans

Andrew Ray says:

Aren't they venomous?

Cecil says:

They're adorable! 🙁

prince galinada says:

Are all vine snake are venomous or not ?

karl cruz says:

you call that cute….

ramoantony says:

snake will nt bite untill if u discomfort it 🙂

triad6425 says:

Actually the definition of venom is that it must enter your bloodstream to have an effect. So unless you have an ulcer in your stomach to the venom access to your blood supply you would be safe. Sorry still not poison.

l says:

Unless you ate their venom, that might be poisonous.

SirFluffyFluffton says:

its nice to know the dangerous one's from the less dangerous,,black mamba,,puff adder's are lethal yet if i saw this little green snake i'd think mega venomous its all about knowing what variety the snake is & how venomous..

linkuei83 says:

this is probably the most impressive snake i've seen, and i've seen a lot.

Kukriblades sama says:

this snake actually look friendly

Elie El Rassi says:

9gag brought me here.

Todd Nichols says:

thank you imgur

Call Me Cheshire says:

This is my fave snake

Brandon Havro says:

there is no such thing as a poisonous snake !!!
venomous snake YES
this was for the people who said this

momiji says:

@cheatcodeme their poison isnt fatal it just causes swelling which goes doen after a few days

Michael Sisson says:

id get one but theyre poisenous

colton clsarke says:

can they kill a person

colton clsarke says:

soooo i hav a question can they kill a person??

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