FUNNY Dogs Wearing Glasses | Top Dog Videos

FUNNY Dogs Wearing Glasses | Top Dog Videos
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Blaster Games says:

Intro song??

Smith Hilda says:

I can't stop laughing. So cute dog!!

kayla julia says:

Coolless.Yah, they are so funny. moaz moaz

Kristina Pine says:

Haha. I can not stop smiling with those faces :-)))

Trapperz says:

yo great start im just starting my own subscriber of the week series, pretty much i pick one of my active subscribers as a winner and i give you a big shoutout! to win all you gotta do is subscribe and turn on my notifications on and stay active on my channel (Liking and commenting on all my videos! ill also be doing SHOUTOUT STREAMS so make sure you have notifications on so you never miss one. Have a sick day

John David says:

Lmao. believe me. so cute and so funny.

Sophia Kerr says:

Haha. Look at their eyes, I can not stop laughing: D

Morrow Andrea says:

The style of the handsome dogs. Hahaha

Richard Brown says:

Woowwww, so cute. Where do you buy it???

Jimi Park says:

0:18 What happened to the eyes of the dog?

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