Why We Gotta Love Those Adorable Dogs: Cute Dog Videos for the End Timems

Miraculously, this old workhorse computer survived another direct hit…
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andy765gtr says:

i think i know what happened to cause your laptops inky blotch. the previously unseen little beagle sabotaged it out of jealousy. he wants to be the alpha doomer dog.

Bloodonthetracks65 says:

I hate to be a superstitious idiot but I wouldn't even joke about wanting an alligator to eat your dog friend.

Noah Namey says:

It could be argued that man is his most human animal when he befriends another of his ancient kind.

pukulu says:

Dogs and people have most of the same emotions, which goes a long way towards explaining we they get along.

ariesred777 says:

I reckon the owner of the beagle is somewhere in the vicinity.

fiestacranberry says:

Sanch gave you the stink eye when you said that at 0:39.

Aaron B says:

Ohh Beagle!

Deanna Demers says:

Dogs come first, never mind the computer… Be Kind!

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