Funny Pets in Halloween Costumes – Halloween Cat and Dog Costumes

Funny pets in Halloween costumes! Cats, dogs, rabbits and tortoises are ready to scare you this Halloween. Get costume ideas for your pet just in time for Halloween or simply have a good laugh.

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Signora Ables says:

That's not Batman that's catman

cocobeenz 600 says:

Why can't I watch this video without seeing a comment that says ANIMAL ABUSE

cocobeenz 600 says:

Lol. Their all like "this better be for a good cost" plus some of them looked happy

Xander says:

Ha ha ha ha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kiran Sannan says:


Miss Understood says:

I thought I saw Maymo and Penny.

Eleonara Basso says:

Questo volere umanizzare gli animali non e un abuso?

Yesenia Martinez Carrillo says:

Si cité 🤗😍😍😍

Joe Simon says:

lol, poor cats, you know they hate anything placed on them

Anastasia Janko says:

Бедные животные! Вы только на них посмотрите, как они мучаются!

Zein's blog Hemadeh says:

1:12 is the best

Sevinçli olun says:

Soooo cutee

Mama Olivr says:

is so cute😻😍

The Proud Russian Girl says:

I dressed my dog as a cat last halloween

lilai na says:

Hahahaha… thiệt là sáng tạo…

Keira Westerfield says:

i subscribed!!! and liked! :3 😀 :3

Tania Angelova says:


上田陽子 says:


Art Wolf says:

I feel like dressing up an animal is animal abuse, it must be uncomfortable for the animals to wear clothes

BunnySter xCoolForMe says:

I cannot see my face anymore because it's so cool to watch dogs

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