Dog And Baby – Cute Boston Terrier And Baby Are Best Friend || NEW HD

Dog And Baby – Cute Boston Terrier And Baby Are Best Friend || NEW HD
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gus barton says:

I have a Boston terrier and his name is archie

Angelica May Calonge says:

terrir realy love kissing kids. its so cute

Noah Walker says:

I have a Boston terrier

ShesThe1yup says:

do people not see that some of those Bostons were "unamused" by the grabby child LOL, and had their ears pinned back which is a sign of discomfort for the dog some dogs when they pin their ears back will even consider biting they get so fed up. It is a good indication to think about seperating a dog and a child when the dog indicates it is not enjoying it. No matter how well you "know" your own dog. Hope no one gets hurt. enjoy your adorable doggies and babies!

mary garrett says:

My Boston is just like these. They love people 🤣

Danielle says:

Liked Before video stared because I am uncomplicated and love Boston’s and babies 😭💕

lunapark23 says:

They are so freaken cute!!!!!!!! I even translated your video into Chinese!!!!!!!

Kelly Pettit says:

Hi. I saw your video in the timeline and was totally surprised to see my photo of my daughter and my Boston kissing as your Thumbnail shot! Very cool. Just curious where you found it? Boston's rule!

November Blackburn says:

My boston Roxy is the best reliever of anxiety. She just wants to love & be loved, She's definitely a gift from God

Elizabeth Girard says:

I have a Boston terrier named daisy and she passed away . 😇

Wendy Browne says:

Bostons on here are so incredibly tolerant. The ones in their dog beds being harassed are proof of that. :/

Justin Time says:

I think some of those kids will grow up to be serial killers. Lol J/K!
Sure love those Bostons!! 🙂

Patti Ellsworth says:

Love the videos of the Boston Terriers. I have a male and female. Eleven and twelve years old. Got them 6 weeks after each was born. They had six puppies! So cute, the love of my life!

jalila love says:

omg. My heart just exploded seeing the baby and new puppy.

Pamela Baird says:

I have a boast on terrior and her name is scarlet! She is the best dog ever!

Robert Lopez 52 says:

it's almost same type of dog every video

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