Loyal Dog at funeral of US SOLDIER


Wessel Westdorp says:

We donโ€™t deserve the love dogs give us

tr Sl says:

the poor dog is crying !!!!

1 deepIsraelite says:

more than a man can get from a woman

Christina Nguyen says:

my heart ached

Storm Trooper says:

Oh god it's hard not to cry by these videos.

Gavin H says:


Becky H says:

why is this so sad!!!!=(

Luis Martinez says:

that dog is named Hawkeye and it wasn't a soldier….this is the funeral of a Navy Seal who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Shelby Davis says:

That is so sad

Plopsta says:

That is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. Breaks my heart.

King David says:

dogs know love , in fact far superior than humans

D.Dengler says:

Oh you turnek what do you know about Dogs?
I do prefer to be Silent otherwise would post insults

They serve us they Die for us like horses in WWi

But almost no human beeings tell a prayer for them…And i am French And atheist…hope you find fine with Holy Bible which ist just fairy tales…And I'm not a Commie …simply reading Nietzsche And Schopenhauer …the other side

TheTheatre4u says:

Onicrono you are right. We r human. But for nature we r only living beings like dogs, bacteria etc.we humans draw lines on earth and make countries. We r racist. We r danger for the earth.in some kinds animals are better then us.we brake rules. But animals never.they never cheat.and there are lots of other facts.

christopher feher says:

the video is on repeat

Fr0d0B2g0sz says:

Its romatnic but its not true. Dogs dont have such feelings like love. They feel safe or not safe. Thats it. Nothing more. When dogs are around family (their groupe) they feel good (safe) but when family is gone dogs do what they can to get back to that safe zone that means they want to be a part of the safe groupe again. I have 2 dogs and i love them but i also accept that THEY ARE JUST DOGS.

Kevin Fernandez says:

True friendship

Kara Coates says:

can't stop crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ

JarOfAids says:

Don't lie u didn't cry (or almost cry)

babies says:

the video keeps repeating

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