Funny Dog Trick

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MrCakesOG says:

A.W.E.S.O.M.E BoomPhones >> Beats

Typical Sponge says:


Agonist says:

But you just agreed with me…
"some" and "very few"
uhh yea same thing bro
i dunno why people are hating, i'm just saying it's true that "some still do," it's a fact
i'm asian too and didn't intend it to be racist at all, i do also know that the dogs they eat are domesticated and are bred specifically to be eaten (like our chickens, pigs, cows, etc)

TheCommenting123 says:

he said they were awesome

Jamesthelynx David says:

Dat laugh…

mforte66 says:

Pete.. When you look at the camera at the end.. The look on your face and laugh made me bust out laughing.. I needed that today.. So allow me to say.. thank you!

moocheeseify says:

I appreciate seeing him. I don't appreciate seeing people like you, please stay off Peter Chao's channel if you don't like him.

Amy Roxburgh says:

Love ur laugh at the end

Prima Eros says:

Dallas!!!! <3

notmini72 says:

Its cool !that dog got the guy to wear giant clown glasses and video himself

Cristal Chavez says:

That's stupid

AIIUserNamesInvalid says:

Very few Chinese actually eat dog meat… it's not mainstream, not even in mainland China or Taiwan.
But hey this is Youtube, I'd be naive to expect people to know what they're talking about.

Agonist says:

I said SOME of them still do

Agonist says:

Can you guys pls read

Eugene yap says:

Peter chao is evil?

Nakamii says:

1. That's fucking racist.
2. It is true but not all.
3. It's a grown dog.
4. I'm chinese, I have 3 dogs. 1 big dog and 2 normal sized dog.
And you know what? I won't eat them. Because that's stupid.

Hallie Brown says:

your laugh in the end ahahaha

AznBoiix33 says:

His dog's already grown.. not all chinese people are the same. Don't use the stereotype on all the chinese people.

AznBoiix33 says:

surprisingly dallas is not one fat motherfucker, one fit motherfucking dog.

knatalati says:


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