Cats Welcoming Soldier Home!

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Herbie and Petunia are both rescues, but have great personalities- they are super-sweet and so laid back that they tended to be bullied by other cats! Their momma, Staff Sergeant Joy, was deploying to Afghanistan for 8 months, and she could not find a foster for her sweet kitties that did not already have cats in the home. SSgt Joy contacted PACT, and we found Herbie and Petunia a nice, loving home, where they waited patiently for their human to come home.

PACT for Animals is a 501(c)(3) that relies on donations and volunteers to save the lives of beloved pets, when their owner is temporarily unable to house them due to a military deployment, training, or medical crisis. If the only other option is surrendering their pet to a shelter, PACT for Animals connects the owner with a carefully screened foster volunteer, who will care for their pet until they return. PACT charges no money for their service, and asks only that the owner cover the cost of their pets’ food, transport, medical issues, and any damage they may cause while in foster care. Please visit us at or like us at


Bertha Martin says:

Thank you for your service…your kitties are so beautiful too

1sweetsue says:

Cats go into such a deep depression when their humans disappear they are in a kind of shock when you show up again. I went out one day, was in an accident and in the hospital for 2 months. About 5 weeks in a friend brought my cat to rehab. He was staring at me in shock for some time before he slowly approached . When I finally got home he never left my side . I love cats.

64fairlane359 says:

cats are wiser than us, they never go to war

Thomas Sterrett says:

Thank you for your service. I can tell you love your cats I know I love mine.

Allen Harper says:

Dogs actually give a fuck, cats don't

Violoxe Snaily says:

They are just like "who the hell is she again?"

Admiral Catbeard says:

they're just sitting there…

MUSICMANIA 101 says:

The 6 ppl that disliked this can stick A thousand forks up their a****!!!!

OctoberBlues89 says:

No fucks given for her lol

FrankyManky says:

I love all animals and am a pecto vegetarian, but cats don't seem like a pet for me. I love my neighbors cats, but they act no different towards me than they do towards their caretakers or owners I guess I should say. I've always wanted to take care of rats and even they seem to give more shits about their caretaker than cats, but I don't hate cats, I just don't see them as something more than a friend you message on facebook every once in a while to just keep in touch and just let them do their thing.


I've scoured Youtube and this is the last video of cat's welcome home troops I'm watching. It's clear dogs are the more affectionate pet to have.

Nio GodSent says:

So this is how a dead emotion looks like.

Emily Frugalsworth Kiang says:

Gorgeous cats!

Nater389 says:

Those cats don't give a flying fuck.

silvercharizard says:

they obviously love their owner. remember people cat's aren't exactly like dogs who spaz out

iris olivas says:

I think there reaction would of been like " oh look who came back" or " oh the slave is back" but still a cute video

Pegah Sa says:

They don't care bruh

Grape TV says:

Cute!only problem u should come home after siesta!

Mark Ray says:

The cats need to calm down…they could barely hide their excitement. :s

Generic Account says:

Grumpy cats.

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