Cat Welcoming Home Soldier From Deployment

Response to Dogs Welcoming Home Soldiers

Featuring “United States of Whatever” by Liam Lynch

There are a lot of hypersensitive and stupid people who feel the need to send abrasive comments regarding this video. DAILY. To be clear, this video is not making fun of the troops or soldiers for whom I have the utmost respect and gratitude [How do you idiots even get to that conclusion?] It IS making fun of CATS… but cat people feel compelled to hate on the video too even though I LOVE CATS. But let’s face it: they’re not as emotional and excited as dogs, which is the joke. Though YOUR CAT is obviously special, most cats generally won’t show emotion. So to the people compelled to bitch about the video: Stop being a bitch. Your opinion is worthless.


This is my last name change and i used it wisely says:

omg you 10,289 people have no sense of humor…

Victor The Fancy Wizard says:

okay, this made me laugh harder than I should have….xD

Kyle Newman says:

My two cats they always wait by the boat my Grandpa is fixing to welcome me home al,out every day after school

Dan Kelly says:

Cat: "I don't care that you were away a long time…Bastard…talk to the back of my head."

Jess4metoo says:

I think your video is hella funny! Whatever!

Controlledburst says:

This is a perfect example of what Gary Larsons, "The Far Side" would be like if they were in video format. WHY didn't I think of this!? Dooohh!

ROSE6450 says:

One of the best YT videos,congratulation sir,you hit the spot

Mr. Spongecake says:

Why does this video have so many dislikes? It was funny as hell.

Barbara Ransom says:

I thought it was funny.  I have a cat as well as 2 dogs with a son in the military.  Whenever any of us leave for any length of time our cat Mimi fusses at us then gives us "The Face" and we melt! lol

sentinelx1337 says:

This is very funny cause it's true.

clickhead says:

Cats are so badass 😛

Parker Tuinder says:

Jesus christ! People need to learn not taking everything literally.

Tabby Cat Gamer says:

i had a cat cat that would follow me to the bus stop i would come home and she would still be there 🙁  i miss her

morgan mason says:

Cats are women..Dogs are men..Cats don't care if you come home,they just want food,they lick their own pussy all day anyway..Dog's are so excited to see you,and want to be near you 24-7,that's why their name is God spelled backwards.

oldschoolsinger says:

Every day when I come home from work, when I'm about 20 feet from the front door, I jingle my car keys. My cat hears them and is waiting for me at the front door, meowing. If I just stand outside the door, I can hear him meowing every 2 or 3 seconds until I finally open the door. Then he continues to meow until I pet and rub him for a few minutes and then he's ok. He's a Ragdoll and that's how they are. He's sitting on the floor right next to me as I'm typing this and if I get up to go into the kitchen or the bathroom, he'll follow me just like a dog. If you want a cat that's dog-like, get a Ragdoll. They're absolutely wonderful cats. 

鐵修斯 says:

This is what called a cat!!!

rdc121674 says:

Yup that's a cat for you. Owner admiration doesn't start for another 30 min. I am on my fresh air break now go away!!

BoricuaFlavored says:

I dont doubt this, cats never give a fuck

Brenda Patten says:

I fell for the insinuation that the cat was going to welcome home his soldier. Made me laugh when I realized I'd been had. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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