Boxer greeting Daddy after Iraq

After being in Iraq, Daddy is welcomed home by our Boxer. Daddy & Mommy are both US Army Veterans, but this trip home was while working for the US Govt in Iraq. YES, there was an emotional reunion with the family, but it was done 3 hrs prior, we didn’t video that. Enjoy and we support our troops and veterans.


madashell1200 says:

I love dogs but especially boxers. Whenever I go anywhere for any amount of time, my boxer greets me like this when I get back. I was gone down the street for ten minutes once and she did.

schockingschoko says:

so cute. greetings from germany 🙂

Dawn Phythian says:

@Uppandadam74 Read the description of the video – we had the reunion hours ago, this is at home recording for the sole purpose of getting our Boxer's reaction

uppanadam74 says:

Okay so the dog is more important than your son??

dracast999 says:

You guys don't know if his son picked him up or saw him before. His son already had time to see him.

Alicia Grass says:

talk about mans best friend! too cute!

Chrisfred9000 says:

every time i see these i cant imagine how happy people are after they see their dad after military deployment. i almost cry

Rollsroyce44 says:

Poor max haha. Think that dog is happier to see his owner than a Sonia to see his dad? Damn. I love dogs but, my boy would come first

Preston de la Parra says:

Guys we have made history!!! I'm presenting you with the rare group of 19 people that dislike both boxers AND service men!!!!!!! this is an astonishing discovery….. stupid heartless people.

OZARKMOON1960 says:

And all I could hear was a kid that could not give up the limelight for 2 minutes so the dog could greet the dad.

backhaul1 says:

Dogs form deep emotional bonds with their owners. says:

Thats an adorable boxer

Alexandra Brown says:

Poor Max only wanted to show his daddy what ever it was he had… cute video but poor Max

Jordan Hoggard says:

Thanks for this vid! Full-on dig the homecoming. And, thanks for your service.

Hawkvier says:

Boxers are angels among us. The best race ever. My brother Chato, died on sep. 8th after fighting a terminal cancer for 2 years and getting failures at his kidney, heart weak and arthritis. I wish they could have a long live. Your Boxer has to be on heaven. No doubt about it.

kailua662 says:

18 people have CATS!!!

fireandice909 says:

How's THAT for a welcome home?!!

juliocesardelao says:

No Max.. you're not cute enough! jajaja poor kid

jordin bragg says:

im constantly bored at work searching for enertainment on youtube and ever since i discovered millions of adorable doggy videos i have yet to be bored again at work

RC says:

this is the most beautiful moment for any boxer parent… my boxer dog VITO gets excited to see us wen me n my wife come home frm work! love it! 🙂

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