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Super Smart Dog Takes Herself Sledding | This very good girl knows how to take herself SLEDDING! Keep up with this incredible pup Secret and her best friend Mary on Instagram, @my_aussie_gal:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


Michael Sevens says:

Dog not only sleds downhill, picks up the sled to do it over again, but controls the sled to go in the direction she wants to go… Amazingly AWESOME!!!

Pat Sylvest says:

Tenacious and fun-loving. Great combination.

Teh Doge says:

That's a cute squirrel

WolfRock0001 says:

Classic black and white border collies

Mark Brock says:

Cool dog….dogs are the best.

R says:

He's like a kid haha

Dolores W says:

I have a border collie and she loves the snow!

940prada says:

Hey folks… watch the original….

This young lady and her smart dog are the heroes

jeanszb says:

What a cutie pie and SO smart!

Petar Krajovski says:


kavya jaganathan says:

Sooooooo Cute

Verna Johnson says:


Terry H. says:

Dogs are so cool….gotta luv em!

a1228a says:

Awwww…so cute!

Link Simian says:

Super cool dog! Wish I had a dog like that!

Ngaihzuali KjRsv says:


Judi O'Regan says:

Oh what a gorgeous, clever dog. Typically smart, independent collie, she's loving every minute! Just look at that smile! What a sweetie!

jen han says:

So cute!!!!!!!

Kurayami111 says:

Maybe that's a why dogs chase vehicles and bikes they just wanna try riding it xD

VancouverCanucksRock says:

Shohld it not be using a Snowboard, though?

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