Dramatic Dog

Remember all the videos with dramatic cats?. Here is a video with a dramatic dog. Watch that scary look while he suddenly turns 🙂

P.S: Special thanks to DcNally for the raw unedited file which was posted as a Vine Video


RO Cipri says:

I love dog!!!So funny!! 🙂 🙂

autumnus prime29 says:


Decoy Afterglow says:

Lexi: WHAT DO YA WANT I WAS SLEEPING AND YOU WOKE ME UP Me: oh sorry Lexi I just wanted you to listen to this song Hey mama song: BEATING MY DRUM LIKE DUM DE DE DEY I LIKE THE DIRTY RITHEM YOU PLAY I WANNA HEAR YOU CALLING MY NAME LIKE HEY MAMAMAMA HEY MAMA (song continues) Lexi: OW YOUR HURTING MY EARS STOP THE SONG NOW Me: im so sorry Lexi I just wanted you to listen DRAMATIC LOOK: The end

axell26ful says:

Those damn eyes …..Are giving me nightmares…..😳

Kels Says Wazzup says:

Me: I just wanted a hug… how could this happen to me starts playing in backround

Foxyshwag says:

Where's my shit!

Some guy you probably don't know existed says:

OMG, it's the Dramatic Dog! 😛

Bethany Wilson says:

omg they eyes can kill me

#love  dogs

Official Monster House says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀 You're cracking me up!!! Lol!

Trixie P says:

C'était hilarant

MemoTheDog says:

WOOOW that scared the shit out of me!

Domino PianoMusic says:

Sooo funny !

Philly Nilly says:

Ha this reminds me of dramatic chipmunk

wänky22 says:

I love Dogs…!

София Ермакова says:

:)))))))))))))). Аахахахаха

Emerson Pereira says:

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darla says:

That scared me!

lelolai03 says:

hahahaha omg

Mychael L says:

Haha so cute

Fhire Konan says:

Hahaha cool

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