Dog plays dead to avoid taking a bath


mint Manatsawee says:

Ahhh cute. He is like my dog, who always refuse to take a bath.

RainingRapids says:

LOL who else tilted their head when the camera flipped over?

remaks69 says:

I will never be racist but whoever eats dog is. it was a joke anyway

I♥CQTD says:

that is not look like a kitchen and not even close to look like kitchen and don't get confused between kitchen and Bathroom. *Racist*

Boosted Bonobo says:

Stereotypes are not fact smartass.

Boosted Bonobo says:

Really dude? Really?

remaks69 says:

The dog knows she's taking him to the kitchen!

Oliver Gowen says:

This dog has some big ass balls. That's all I'm sayin

Maxx Matlock says:

They are probably gonna cut him up and gut him in the bathroom. Typical. Lmfao. I'm not racist. It's just a fact……… ok maybe a little racist.

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