Dog Walks Itself

Who needs an owner? Not this dog.

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Shot by Travis Kurtz at Ventura Harbor, CA.


Nemo Dog says:

My other weird dog, Butters did this before; he also walked my other dog, but it was because he hated that dog and while walking he would shake the leash. He'll also run after the dog if he didn't get to hold the leash. Ah, why is my dog so weird. (.P. S. none of dogs mentioned are the dogs in my pfp).

khfan4life365 says:

What a well-behaved dog. He was obviously trained to walk well. Good dog!

Kali Sundari BELLYDANCE says:

So cute… I recognized Ventura Harbor! I bellydance at The Greek at the Harbor. 🙂

Kazuhiko Shiote says:

That dog looks aged. An elder golden retriever can go alone.

Diego Herrera says:

Wow, small world. I live in Oxnard and go there quite often. I've never seen that dog before though. I did not think I would have been led to this video after watching the boob shirt video, isn't funny how life works out sometimes.

ZekeMahogany says:

Yep, Ventura Harbor. We were just wasting time and taking a walk before a comedy show.

Diego Herrera says:

Is this at the Ventura Harbor?

Fdr Elopre says:

I want a Golden Retreiver

Kelsul says:

fake and gay

iosGamingJoe says:

That's a small horse

TheWdftv says:

my dog can jack himself off…

Hannah xoxoxo says:

my mom used to have a dog who used to walk himself when they werent home. one day when my mom was driving home she found him taking his daily walk around the block… he ran all the way home when she yelled at him and told him to hop in the car. haha. i never met him but i guess he was pretty cool he ate kitkats. lol

sdhyuiu25 says:

@sdhyuiu25 cute dog thou

sdhyuiu25 says:

wow how does this get so much views my dog walks my other dog (theres video of it on my page) and its a little more funny than this

Sam Mailahn says:

I walk myself, Wheres my viral video!! xO

opkxfjk says:

Awe I want to take him for a walk, what is he doing out by himself =(

Fred Ferreira says:

Muito engraçado, eu lido com cães de varias raças todos os dias, e este, é um comportamento típico do golden retriever.

sivasandoz says:

I swear to god.. the comments are better than the video itself

Andresphotography says:

forever alone!

Zara Kayn says:

awwww, forever alone. so cute….golden retrievers are the best, i'm going to get one after i finish uni, woooo!

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