Giant Newfoundland Dogs Shows Love To Babies | Dog Loves Baby Compilation

Giant Newfoundland Dogs Shows Love To Babies | Dog Loves Baby Compilation
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Dr m says:

New found lands are beautiful teddy bears

TheVictorb69 says:


snugbug says:

They are exceptional dogs ! So understanding about babies. They really see human babies/toddlers as human 'puppies'. Very caring. 😃

Dawn Campbell says:

beautiful doggies

SmithJohn says:

But there were cases that dogs hurted and even ate babies.

Cuong Nguyen Duc says:

I am Vietnam 😉😙😗😚🤗

Cuong Nguyen Duc says:

Oh my gods I love Baby and Dog 😗😍😁😆🤣

WOA LuKa Channel says:

Love is a miracle.

Jack William says:

Giant Newfoundland Dog is sweet guy

Nick Hentschel says:

Goofy newfies.

Car Freak says:

Ford Mustang in the first vid, but I'm prolly the only one who noticed it.

Rozie Thornbush says:

Newfies are the literal best

Jose Orlando Diaz says:

Totoro's breed

Connor Winn says:

The 108 dislikes on this video are from cats

jacky o says:

love these gentle giants !

Sandy Sutherland says:

Bloody great soup hounds!

Ben Richards says:

how can u let a dog lick a kids face?! u do know these animals lick there private parts, and eat there own shit, don't you??? smh.

caveman Versace says:

Never kiss a Newfie. The return is drench face. Yet you still end up doing it for some reason.

Samantha Jones says:

Why do white people let dogs lick their newborns all in the face and shit? No wonder why y’all grow up and start fucking them. Just sick

irishguy13 says:

Dogs eat their own shit. And then are allowed to lick babies with undeveloped immune systems. Thanks Mom!

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