Cute dog loves baby from the first meeting | Charlie the dog and baby Laura

Official Charlie the Dog video of ,, Cute dog loves baby from the first meeting ”
In this video, you’ll see Charlie the Beagle being the best playmate for a toddler named Laura Olivia. What a pretty name! He helps Laura Olivia open a door. Isn’t that a nice switch? The bond between these two are special. Obviously, Laura Olivia learned from her parents how to love dogs. She takes such good care of Charlie, feeding him from her own spoon. And Charlie knows just how to play with her. Even when he wants to take something back, he is careful to keep his teeth away from her hand. What a beautiful friendship between these two.
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ivey ivey12 says:

one of my favorite videos

Erika Trautmann Radványiné says:

Imádom nézni a videókat! Vidámsággal tölti meg a lelkemet! Cuki a Laura és igazán okos a kis barátja Charlie! Szupi szülők! Gratulálok!👸🌷♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

K It says:

She told him with her Eyes that he could have that food off her fork. I love to watch their silent communication!

Deathikiss Blackheart says:

Beautiful sweet dog 🙂

Varuna says:

I loooovveee your videos of Charlie and lily.. they're so sweet and loving..

Mandi Morgan says:

Omg!! I love this video so much!! Not only is the dog sweet and gentle but the little girl is a sweetie and so gentle as well!! 💕

forresg500 says:

I can see that dog loves little girl

sri sumarni says:

sooo beautiful

dotnb says:

Your dog is amazing

Isabella says:

I love all your videos !!

Phillip Lopez says:

They " domesticate " us .

イスカリオテユダ says:

If your child is born, have a dog.
When he is a baby, it will protect him well.
When he is a young child, it will play with him well.
When he is a boy, it will understand him well.
And when he grows big, it will die earlier.
But it will teach him sadness of death and value of life by means of itself's death.

Johanna MacDonald says:

Thank you for posting such heart-warming videos <3

Marcos xp says:


Alice Garcia says:

The innocence of a child and the devotion of a loved and loveable dog …what a tremendous memory for this little girl…she'll probably always want a little Charlie in her life……lovely

Tamina Murch says:

Jealous ppl dislike this super loving video.

Manisha Jain says:

The best dog i hve seen ever

Vincent Falchetta says:

is there anything you can imagine more precious than the bond these two have together, I think not

Erika says:

that is so cute

Taylor Sartre says:

Had to subscribe- Charlie and this little girl are the most loving angels ever!

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