Nala – Scared stray Pit Bull living in a ditch – rescued! Please share on facebook & twitter


crazy Alex gaming says:

I cryed alot

Jess4metoo says:

Went back in time to see an earlier video. Thank goodness they did away with awful vocal music.

mlszn says:


Diana Riley says:

She is so precious and was ready for human intervention. Thank you Hope for Paws. Love you guys so much. I have two rescued dogs and my most recent one will not leave my side for nothing. Wherever I am she has to be there within sight and generally she's right next to me wanting contact at all times. Rescued animals are so grateful for the love we give them,the food and water doesn't hurt either. 🙂

SickSalvation84 says:

pit bulls are THE MOST AMAZING doggos on the planet. so gentle, chill, loving, and loyal.

Aroha Gerrard says:

She is beautiful!!

Aroha Gerrard says:

That's my baby's name nala, I have her since she was born, my baby is 3 now xx


ive come into contact with 2 pitbulls while taking my own dog to the vet and they were so loveable and affectionate it was surprising

George W. Bush says:

Wow! Another free dog put into a cage, thanks to y'all! Thank you for capturing and freeing this animal from its past life of independence. So humane!

Vijay Datta says:

God bless u guys always…and fulfill your all dreams… Love u guys

Donna Peroche says:

aaahhh how heartbreaking. until she rips your balls off in the middle of the night when you are asleep

Junior Mudd says:

there is no love on earth like the love from a dog…. yet there are so many who hurt, and abuse them… shes a beautte!!

chantal Amino says:

All they want and need is LOVE and affection

Dwayne Smit says:

Whats up with the girly, gay ass music? Is the video image not enough? Why envoke fake emotions? Youtube views/money? Is that it? Trying to get rich off hurt animals. Weak.

Women love to see others suffer. Its why they watch those shows like opera where some lady is ruined and tells her story sobbing. Oh so nice to see someone utterly destroyed.

You women are messed up.

Manisha Naik says:

Omg her eyes that baby was so scared…..

dritan tahiraj says:

Awww how sweet is she i love her shes amazing

sandhya kodukula says:

I hope she gets a loving forever home and family of her own… God bless

sandhya kodukula says:

Nala… She is so gentle… Thank you for rescuing the innocent soul… Pl update

Charles Her says:

Beautiful 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍🐕🐕

Samuel Mason says:

i wonder if for part of the rehab she dresses up like a cat and bends down for the dog.

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