Hope For Paws: Stray dog walks into a yard and then collapses…

Please help us save more dogs like Milo and make a small donation: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
Thank you Cause for SB Paws for finding him such an amazing home! They have many more beautiful dogs for adoption, so please check them out here: http://www.CauseForSBpaws.org


Roselynn Byl says:

i cry so many times, because you make it possible for animals to be saved!

Imagineth says:

I rescued ever animal thrown in my way. Dozens! I still have 6 dogs and 10 cats after having driven over 200 miles to deliver four rescued kittens to their new home yesterday. When I look in to the eyes of my dogs sleeping in their warm beds on a cold winter night, like tonight, my heart melts for them and breaks for all the animals I can't help tonight. The look in a dog's eyes who is happy and healthy because of you is life's greatest pleasure. When my dogs look at me, I feel more loved than I've ever been before. Dogs are the physical embodiment of love.

MariaThe Awkward says:

I'm so glad that there are people like you guys who love dogs so much that you sacrifice yourself to help a dog in need. I love you guys and keep up the good work! I hope I can work with you guys one day!!

mangeevee vixen says:

#saversquad like if u r in it 😀

Jaycee Saunders says:

I had a dog named Milo. I miss him a lot

Norah Keane says:

he looks like a cockapoo what is my dog
my dog is my icon and you can sorta tell they are the same breed

GalaxyGirlGamer YT says:


RammZen says:

He has the same name as my late bunny :")

Cutepanda 84 says:

I hope the dog is all right

june bug says:

You's will never know the tears and joy your videos have brought to me…I want to send you money but I do not do it over the internet but can email mail You's if you have a post office box…

Prabhat Kumar says:

Guys I want to start a same organization like u in india. I m a huge animal lover & i want to spend my maximum time with animals. Do u help me in any sense for this. I pleased if u contact with me on +91-9570712733 between 10 am to 8 pm IST.

Bla Hi says:

I cry from all your vids

Song Master says:

I like the Chanel hope for paws 🐾
They are so good

Carolyn Martinez Johnson says:

He is so cute. He has the most beautiful eyes!!!

Jon Lenin says:

If only people knew that the souls of the children who died prematurely, reincarnate into animals!

Cheeky Romero says:

After all the work he looked like my dog which is Nilla! But she is a girl if u see my channel you will see a white cockapoodle and that will be my dog!

Pinky Pie says:

Aww how cute he looks like my puppy milo and it's true my puppy name is milo and looks just like him and to tell I'm not saying a lie check my channel to see a video of milo

The Fam Team says:

I love animals u people made my wish come true cause all i wanted was an animao rescuer!!!

shannon231291 says:

I have a real admiration for you and your team of people . Genuinely amazing people

Luisa Andrade says:

I'm crying because that he was hurt and homeless with no love and then when they tried to save him he was trying to warn them but he felt safe and warm in their arms

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