Homeless dog was so hungry he ate rocks! Thanks to your support, we saved his life!


Ted Licciardello says:

Where is Eldad?


The family that left behind this dog alone should be murdered very painfully!

SI Vlogs says:

which breed is it?

Bryce Lagneau says:

How can you leave you dog and not come back

Nick K says:

Well the dog could of ran away and sometimes the owner can't take care because there homeless

IAM HIM says:

I m so glad you guys save dogs because their the best ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Gabe Martinez says:

Good job for taking care of the dog

Spel Tex says:

Who ever disliked this video is a hater

Spel Tex says:

Pit bulls are sooooo cute!

The Blue Dragon says:

On the thumbnail on the car licence it say please share

prettyyoungwhitebitch x says:


Ashley Cordeiro-Vital says:

What's tumoRs?? Sorry i talked more Portuguese /French then English

Maria Esquivel says:

i want want want want want to to to to to to to to adop a dog but i have 4.

Jelly Bean says:

I want to donate 😞

Gaurav Singh says:

All of u are kind hearted …..god bless u…

Weird Tapirs says:

That is so cruel why would a human being do that, I am about to cry this is so sad god bless him with an amazing home ❤️😭😰🐶🤞🏻😘

Epifania Iese says:

Wow that was amazing

Kenneth Gaming says:

He also looks sad though..

Arnulfo Recososa says:

can i adopt that pitbull plzzzzz

Alexis Jones says:

Ever dog needs a home

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