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‘A curious cat helps his owner with home improvements.’
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‘DIY’ Credits:
Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Rachel Thorn
Layout: Emma Wakley, Jimeno Farfan
Design/Rig: Trevor Phillips
Art Director: Liza Nechaeva
Foley and Music: Shrooty
Producer: Emma Burch
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford

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Q. What happen to your crowdfunded film Off to the Vet?
A: Off to the Vet is now available in FULL on YouTube! Watch it here –

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat was originally made using Adobe Flash. Later films were produced in TV Paint and most recent films are made with CelAction animation software.

Q. Where can I buy Simon’s Cat merchandise?
A. You can purchase Simon’s Cat products from the official web


Simon's Cat says:

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Gwiazdy Lps says:


Colleen McDonald says:

your cat is soooooooooo funny! how did yoiu do it

pastapins says:

tomorrow is my birthday 😀😀😀😁😁😁

Bria Mc. Random says:

Simon loves to go like





"Heh heh."



"Tn tn tn." (Cat call)

" * Sigh * "



Olegário Abyara says:

I LOVE cats

Sandra Casini says:

Bad job. Poor Simon, your cat doesn't help you… But it is funny!!

Edith Mejía says:

Like I am a girl💓💓

maría josé guanoquiza palma says:

Son los mejores videos

Raquel siva says:

Bem podia deixar colorido 😳😓😫

Delores Emeagi says:

Lol what about all the nails that fell on the floor?

Roxana Corradi says:

Eres el mejor simon cat

Janus zubi scheller says:

Colaers 🌈 farver jeg er dansker

Bonnie El conejo says:

Me gustó mucho todos tus vídeos. Has más videos🙂🙂🙂

Donna Hanson says:

that is soo right!

J vR says:

Second place, of course! 😀

Toonmation says:

Anybody mind checking out my channel? I make short doodle animations. Thanks!

Tricob1974 says:

I love the animation in this series. I like it far better than the animation I see in any animated TV series today. I don't feel animation really justifies its existence unless movement is demonstrated that you don't see in live action. This short is a perfect example of doing it well. Look forward to seeing more of this. B-)

Fatima AlHameli says:

Cats and IKEA LOL

Mobi Milk says:

Simon probably got a headache after this. 🤕

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