SONG-I love you by Climax Blues Band. Our Misty passed away 10/30/12, she lived a long life full of love.
This video is Lucky & Misty. Dog falls for cat 2 is Lucky & Lexy (Misty’s sister).


Phillip Lopez says:

They teach us a lesson everyday , if we just care to look .

Irene Pece says:

That made me cry!!!!!!!!

Isabel Zagers says:


le bilk says:

the impossible love story

rte148 says:

bestestses friends. so much squee

Chris Ary says:

it is so cute

Chris Ary says:

I love this!it is so cute

John Dooley says:

Is that a Rat Terrier? I used to have one. Best dog I ever had.

ashley maine says:

that is sad a lot I want one of the puppies and I want a cat and puppy

Susana Janai says:

iloveit 😢

Angel Ferrel says:

watch my vídeo dog fall in love

roberto losano says:

watch my vídeo dog fall in love

Lorraine Filmer says:

For all you lovers out there

Anais Alcaraz says:

I love dog and cat

Donimars Eraes says:

So Cute Thanks For The Memories To So Touching😢🐶🐱

SpLinTeR Gaming says:

wow sow super cute

Desiree Jones says:

Oscar winner…great sound track. Thanks for the memories.🐯🐕

Jessica Roldan says:

It made me cry after I read the description 😢😢😢😢

Hero2223 says:

Cute and this made me cry

Alex T says:

I'm crying. That's all iI got to say

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