Cat ATTACKING Dog, Don’t Stop to Laugh !!! Cat & Dog Funny Compilation

Cat ATTACKING Dog, Don’t Stop to Laugh !!! Cat & Dog Funny Compilation
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Fidel Suarez says:

Los perros son mas fieles q los gatos

Miguel says:

just cats by nature hate any fuss.and the dogs that create fuss.for which he receives a thrashing from the cats.)))

Arlhsm 29 says:

cat is good animal not like dog os haram

Malachi Brown says:

i have two cats and one dog they all are nice to each other, well… until my dog tries to fuck my cat

KattRoller says:

2:232:27: DAAAAMN! Kitty so SAVAGE!! >3<

KattRoller says:

2:002:05: Geez, that damn dog is such a drama queen.

Subhashree Nayak says:


Nakamura Sona says:

Cat is like a boss. lmao

Mairi w Hi guys!!! My Chanel is now animal jam!!! says:

0:16 what the heck is wrong with that stupid dumb ugly cat!!!!!

Mairi w Hi guys!!! My Chanel is now animal jam!!! says:


Keto Rolac says:

thug life cats

klara marcia says:

Kittens meet pupies 😍😍❤❤

Scott George says:

My cat had no problem sleeping while mouse was chewing his way in . I mentioned my cat is lazy , it was her rest time .

Anthony Joel says:

Poor dog, you can not let the cat mode crush you!

Bela Lara says:

haha……… dogs never fear cats

Rose White says:

In fact, i dont understand what is he doing??? Haha

Hall Jame says:

Cat always bring troubles to the dog. That is why you can not get both dogs and cats

perpetual61 says:

Of course this makes me Laugh because I'm a Cat Person and feel that Cats are far superior to dogs. They don't care if their liked or not and just go about life without a care. Cats Rule !

sioling muntreng says:


Victor Hudson says:

Life is unexpected. Small cat dare to attack big dog

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