Funny Puppy First Time on Bed Vs Jealous Dog | Charlie the Dog and Puppy Lilly

Official Charlie the Dog video of ,, Funny puppy first time on bed Vs Jealous Dog ”
It was Lilly first time on our bed, but thanks to Charlie she didn’t enjoy it too long
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ramasamy unnamalai says:

I like it. .. funny video.

saggurthi prathima says:

Hahahahaha 3 cuties

km cooper says:

I hope Laura is over her illness and that she was able to enjoy her Christmas 🎄 🎅🏻

ThePAUL799 says:

laura is all grown up💁☺

laxmi gvs says:

So good to see you ppl back again. Happy new year 2018. From India

Paniraya p says:


darlingabbie says:

Such a happy scene…

Andrea Radtke says:

I really had a rough day… thank you for the video, I really needed a laughter! :o)

Tara Sommers says:

I love it!!! All three were off the bed in the end!!!!

Connie McFeely says:

Really cute 💕💕💕

Iamnota Mushroom says:

Who's the clown that gave this a thumbs down?

MadHatterDJ says:

Ahah! So cute 😆

M R Koenig says:

My God father gave me my first female dog, when I was 6 years old, I love dogs.
Once I was very ill, and my mom at the time, allowed my dog to visit my bed, was the best opportunity to both of us.
Charlie being jealous, aw how cute.

Nuby29 says:

The girl is actually cuter than the dogs, hope the parents agree

Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv says:

Lol, so cute, ashes ashes we all fall down.

Ginette Walker says:

Love it.. can't believe just how tiny lily is here !

Sanjay Is-This-A-Channel? Sinha says:

brightened my day

Sumeet Singh Saluja says:

🙂 it is funny

April Taylor says:

Awww that was adorable!

FacheChanteDeux says:

Precious! Happy 2018!

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