DOG meet CHRISTMAS! Cute and funny animal video!

As you know, in Russia we celebrate orthodox Christmas on January 7, not on December 25! But I insisted that today we have a holiday too! I want share it with you, my friends! So, my parents and I went out of the city, to our friends’ house! It is here that we will meet the holiday!
Merry Christmas to all! To all people, dogs and cats!!! To all animals and pets!!! Hurrah!
I hope you enjoy my new funny animal video! Thank you!
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Света Светлана says:

С наступающим Дин, подписчиков тебе пабольше чем у Крузо!!!)

Kathrin Hofmann says:

I love Din, merry christmas

kasiek11180 says:

Merry christmas ! 🎁🎄❤

saggurthi prathima says:

Hahahhaaha love u din.appy appy
Christmas 🎄🌟🎉🎂🍗🍤🍦🍨🍹🍻

Rawr91 says:

100% doxie din's owner is Russian

BEAVIS says:

Merry Christmas Din! Keep giving Mom and Dad good kisses!

Rhianna10001 says:

Merry Christmas to you all. Love Moo (I call dachshunds "Moo's")
Keep up the good work in the new year. Adore the way you love Moo and again, the production values of your videos are on point. Xx

Я Шиншилла says:

Какие Вы молодцы,ребята!Браво!!!Дин отлично воспитан,умный и красивый!!!С наступающими праздниками! Радуйте нас своими видео!

Mary Ann Carreon says:

My grandma used to do little Christmas on janurary 6th…. Merry Christmas to you and yours… Love the video and all the ones I've seen

Leonid Karpushenko says:

С Рождеством и Новым Годом, ребята!!!

Ruth McGhie says:

Merry Christmas to you all🎄🎁

Claire Pierson says:

so cute merry christmas doxie and family

Neuza Caminha says:

Happy Holidays!!! ❤️🎅🎄😘

Maria elena diduszyn says:

Excuse me isnt that a samovar ?have You got any slavic origin?merry Christmas to You and Doxie Din 🎆🎆🎆🎆

Annie Nolasco says:

I love it 😍 excellent video like always!! Merry Christmas Din to you and your family and a wonderful New Year!!
Hoping for more great videos in 2018!!

Dee McGee says:

All is forgiven when you are kissed by a doxie ❤

Sherry Riley says:

Have a Blessed Holiday Season Din an Family !!!

sithlord1626 says:

Hey Din That was a lovely tree u and ur mom and dad put up…and good job on getting dads to help with the fireplace…I hope u have a wonderful Holiday with ur family and friends…me and my girlfriend will be having Christmas with my brother and his family tomorrow..spending time with ur loved ones is the best and most important gift that you could ever give someone..Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a happy new year as well

Guillermo Miranda says:

Haaa, doxie, you have good memory 😁 but don't worry you are always so cute and funny, Merry Christmas from Mexico my dachshund Pepito and me will waiting for your next video

Barakitas show says:

That puppy is love and he wished you merry christmas 😍😘

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