When This Dog Sneezes It Is Absolutely Adorable

In this cute dog video, this little pup has a serious case of the sneezes! Watch him sneeze again and again. Someone get this puppy a tissue!


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iunacyy says:

call an exorcist

Peter Holmberg says:

What breed of dog is this out of the burning curiosity of my heart and soul

Florica Anderson says:

Lol He/she sounds like a little horse. 😆

MrsVelvetViolet says:

ooooh… poor one!! <3

Heru- deshet says:

Poor little guy. I have a cat like that. She has serious allergies and it's gotten where she can't meow anymore because of it, but she purrs very loudly!

KingOfTheInterWebs says:

I think my heart just melted.

Allyson rojas says:

Pomerainians falling off boats

gypsijewel says:

love the "sounds like" in the comments, my mom just said that it sounded like a turkey, LOL

Charlie the Dog and Baby says:

Cheers doggy:)

Funnymals says:

OMG! So cute!

CarmaCCus says:

Raczej nie jest to smieszne dla tego psa, po prostu cos go wkurwia w nosie, moj pies robil to samo i rozwalil sobie nos bo walil o ziemie

Uzoo says:

Super cute 🙂

Sisilia S says:

It kinda sounds like a goat 😀 However I get really uspet when dogs sneeze, I feel like they are suffering and I can't help them :/

hyunseungtwin says:

its like a horse lmao

LumenLumen says:

It's like a lawn mower attempting to turn over, lol. 

Yes Im Going To Be That Guy says:

It sounds like a electrical transformer exploding

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