14 Hours For Puppies and Dogs Who Suffer Anxiety, Loneliness

This is the longest music video I have ever made based on to help those who are away from home for a long time. This video can be for puppies 0-2 years or adult dogs who suffer from anxiety separation, loneliness and from boredom may chew or get in to the bad habit mode whatever the case maybe. Hopefully the length of this video will be what some folks need. It is a beautiful tonal piece that should help most dogs .Of course this is always my goal.
I have to stress sometimes we get a great response the first time with the music video from our comments that we have read, but sometimes certain dogs need the love and mercy before the music and may need to hear the music as many times as it takes. Remember you are training your dog to relax. Patience and TLC is key believe it or not we have a few people who try it once and if it doesn’t work, their done and they give up.


Music ⓒ – Audionautix
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Debra Pochie says:

Love it and my 5 month old puppy has responded so well to it!!!!! Thank you so much!!! <3

Danielle Brenegan says:

I play this for my dogs when they are in their exercise pen while I'm gone and it keeps them from crying and disturbing others.

Living Life Better says:

Thank you for sharing this video. Bookmarking it so I can use in the future. I just recently uploaded a video about identifying separation anxiety in dogs. Very important to notice the symptoms first hand so you can treat them before it gets worse.

Ahmad Ghosheh says:

I have Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) all my life and I can't sleep without background noise, fans are the best. This however played low is wonderful, I can't stand TV or radio because of the constant rising and falling of the sound not to mention the light of the TV. Thank you.

Coro Matices says:

Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!

Upton Sinclair Muckraker says:

I work 12-hour shifts + commute time… thank you very much for keeping my dogs entertained & relaxed

Saran Kaur says:

It stops playing after 4 hours I don't know why

Sophie Oxford says:

Both of my dogs are tired because of this music 🎶


Very Lovely, Thanks! Even my cat up and starting playing with his tail when he heard it.

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