Ultimate Cat Shaming!

It’s no secret that cats do whatever they want… they don’t feel remorse, they’re just cats doing cat stuff!

Cat shaming is the perfect win-win way to get back at them – we can feel like we’ve punished our cats while they get to continue to do as they please 🙂

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Amaiya Smith says:

Now I think getting a cat is a bad idea!

xXSparkstarXx says:

Literally attacks me when she's in a bad mood
Spends more time outside than spending time with me
Sheads WAY too much
Chooses a cardboard box with a blanket in over a fluffy blanket on my bed next to me
Gives people a hard time catching her!

Cora Kellam says:

My cat poops in the bathtub

David says:

Silly human, you can't shame a cat.

Wolfie OwO says:

Once my 3 month old kitten just ran across our grand piano late at night XD

Earlthecatwithwings :3 says:

My cat kills my bread doesn’t eat it is just kills it

Wade Solomon says:

Saw the sign Kitty Cat

YellowyMango 770 says:


Litten 88 says:


Elizabeth Simon says:

i subscribed

Frisky Bottomsuuater says:

Can not go potty w/o a kitty! That is day one stuff!

Fernando Yanmar says:

The bathroom is safe now, master!

CatMuto says:

That is A LOT of catnip.

Swap fell Chara Plays says:

My cat is a food their and so WAS my cousin’s doggo (died today)

Anatalie Banuelos says:

My black cat YELLS AT THE DOOR until u let him ib and if u dont he will stick his paws under the door
The first one my cat harry potter does that too breaks the blinds at my aunties house she lives in an apartment Also Harry potter will attack all the toilet paper not just one roll but all of them!Harry also attacks feet at night when ur sleeping (thats why i dont sleep w/ him)Black shadow also will make u drop ur food and then eat it also my other cat leo is a trash digger
Black shadow will lick ur face until u wake up to feed him at 1 o clock in the morning
Leo will tear the bag of cat nip up and throw it all over not eat it just roll it it SRY THIS IS SO LONG I JUST WANTED TO TELL U GUYS SO NO HATE!

Pony Mummy Girl says:

I subscribed

ashley williams says:

Try turning the toilet paper around

Slothey P says:

My cats unroll the toilet paper a lot!

ghostlylover99123 says:

I've recently lost my dear cat. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Kat Trina says:

My cat does actually none of these but will follow me to the toilet for a pet so I'm not bored.

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