What do cats think about? Here are some funny examples of cat logic… Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences with your cat or any different examples you liked to share with us, so we can continue to understand the cat… or not! 🙂




Aerto Prezidento says:

full and empty bowl so true XD


Just wanted to wish Chris, Jessie, Cole and Marm a wonderful Catmas. Hope the boys get a special Christmas dinner and lots of new toys.

Katie says:

This video describes my cat

Cairo Murphy says:

hahaha the drinking out of the sink is so true lol

sam93931 says:

they do love box lmao

Ann W says:

Cats are simple

Robert Mitchell says:

At let youve got a cat…

swag chicken dude says:

this is gold

Darko Karlovac says:

Why tf would you need a toe spreader ahhah

Nozyspy says:

Cats are like children, they get more fun out of the box than the toy in it! xD

Hannah Warriner says:

Never buy expensive toys , my cat just plays with straws

Mencintai says:

Your filtered water bowl isn't fun to drink out of. Sinks are!!!

TheActingSisters says:

Lol we keep our cats in the kitchenButt….They have a whole garden to explore.. Chooses to sit on fence. Cats

dirtmonkey 666 says:

Nearly choked on my beer watching the cat in the slow cook. LOL.

Djalal khanchali says:

best cat video ever, supper funny and cool, you made me adore cats

klaus günther says:

Schönes Video.Schade wegen der Werbung!

therandomdot says:

Sit on toilet in morning. Cat comes in and I pet him.

Cat comes to me midday, trying to get me to follow him. I follow him. He jumps in litter box, and wants me to pet him while he takes a whiz.

Apparently I've taught him that toilet activities are "petting time" activities. smh

Duda De Freitas says:

Fofurinhas adoráveis!!! 😻🐱😻🐾🐾🐾🐾💖❤💜💙💚💛💕👍👍👍👍👍

sharon olsen says:

LOL .. love these cats so much !! And I have got to say this because it literally changed my life.. and my cat's as well.. She is 13 years old.. I "inherited" her when she was 5. She had some .. shall we say digestive issues.. I tried many types of food, then finally found one that was not quite as bad for her system as the was not ideal, but my best option as far as I knew. I stayed with that one until I could no longer find it at any of my nearby grocery stores … * gasp * what to do.!! I was in semi-panic mode…. I read labels in the grocery isle… a LOT of labels.. I finally decided to try the Rachel Ray Nutrish.. OMG .. seriously my cat's issues disappeared over night! She LOVES it and NO digestive issues.. ever! I have been feeding her this for the past.. year .. or so.. and could not be more grateful for such a great pet food!! I am not affiliated with any pet food company… just a regular person .. sharing 'my' experience.. : >

Brayden Scott says:

Lol the one where you pet it too long, I have to pet her in specific spots or she'll get feisty

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