Girl Cries Over Dog’s New Haircut | The Dodo

Girl Cries After Seeing What The Groomer Did To Her Dog | This girl just picked up her dog from the groomer — and she is NOT happy with his new look. For the original video, visit:

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The Dodo says:

😫My Chubby Boy😫

T&T says:

What a crybaby

Chloe Rodillo Vlogs says:

Ahh I hate spoiled kids

Theresa Hope says:

This is not sad. This is a normal reaction and the dog seems to enjoy it. Hilarious

Theresa Hope says:

And the dog was like yeah I just have my new haircut

Theresa Hope says:

That's hilarious hahahahhahah

your mom said hi says:

Trump build that WALL

Sasha Whitemen says:

Aww…poor girl👍😂😥

Once in a blue Moon says:

Um to be honest the haircut the DOg is much beter Than the dirty One

Sakonema says:

CRuelty to girl. Reported.

LauraGuapa Sarianova says:

Copia varata 😡😕

Phyllyann Huynh says:

ᵂᴼᵂ ᴹᴱ ᵂᴴᴱᴺ ᴵ ᵂᴬˢ ᶠᴵᵛᴱ……

Zurisaday Prado says:

Awww que Hermosa

Cierra Ross says:

"he looks like a pig" when u go on tinder lol it's true

Kaylie Zubik says:

This is how I acted when my dead dog got shaved down

Juky Cat says:

"Ahora parece un puerco" hahaha awww 😂😂😂💗

Kimberly Guzman says:

Know the feeling

Holy Aqua Wolf says:

What? That dog looks gorgeous!

Ritika Xx says:

Awwww 😂🤣❤️this is so funny but so cute!

The great Salamander says:

This is so sad

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