Baily Beagle “Plays Dead” On National TV

On a show showing talented dogs, Baily The Beagle was on, and showed how well he can play dead!
The host said that beagles are snarky….well DUH! who doesn’t know that beagles are made of snark! Snark, Fur, and Love!

(Baily’s not my beagle, btw…I just like sharing beagles with the world!)


Scott CristianoGaming says:

1.30 the dog just Dab

Anna Guz says:

Dave Letterman's laugh is so contagious

Rocco Cala says:


Cat Comeau says:

Omg when she came back up and saw no treat then he goes back down

Nikki King says:

Omg that handshake at the end πŸ˜‚

Why Pain? says:

Use him as a handbag or scarf

agirlyou dontknow says:

you're the best

agirlyou dontknow says:

love you Dave

Rani Green says:


Success Attractor says:

Me too came to live to get my treats.

Royal Flight says:

Woww…beagles are so cuteeee..😎…..i want a beagle..β€πŸ’šβ€

Kesi claudia G says:

bailey like whats going on why you all laughing?

#mygramarare bad

Patrick says:

when there was a real late night show!!! now all we have are weak and pointless late night shows..

Unyt says:

2:55 Leg-Handshake? XD

Jenny Alvarado says:

That was toooo funny n cute

Mandi W says:

guy seemed like a asshole

K Nazir Ingram says:

That's awesome!

vineta Manua says:

This made me
Laugh after a hard days work. Thanks for the video

Charlie the Dog and Baby says:

It;s still one of the best beagle video on the internet!

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