Husky Dog Adopts Stray Cat Saving Her Life | The Dodo: Comeback Kids

Husky Dog Adopts Stray Kitten Saving Her Life | Nobody thought this 2-week-old street kitten would survive — but then she met this husky who helped her grow up strong, and now she’s the leader of the pack. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition this little cat is going on a big adventure…kayaking! You can check out @LilotheHusky ( for more of their amazing adventures!

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


bulletproof ! says:

If u see how this animals act, i cant believe people kill and hunt animals for fun. U wanna eat a steak? Ok then kill a cow and eat it, thats nature but drive to africa and kill animals or punch animals is like u kill a human or punch a human, thats for sure!

Kiki & Savv says:

Best love story ever😍💓

John Roxas says:

Infinity got 3rd wheeled

Itz Frosty says:

Jeez my dog can tolerate my cat but whwn it comes to food its a no no…..😂😂😂

Kaylee Stepleton says:

Lol the dog slipped

Kaylee Stepleton says:

I love husky and cat together

FarSeeker8 says:

How did Lilo get her name? I ask because I found this: "The name Lilo means "Generous One" in Hawaiian. It can also mean "lost" ".

Ghosoon758 Mawlawi says:

Soooooo cute

FNAF plushie survival The Mangle Plush says:

OMG a cat that comes everywhere awwwwwwww

Nex Wex says:

The problem is in one word: FUR.
If there is no fur everywhere i would adopt kitty.

Squishy says:

There should be more than 617k! Who doesn’t love or pets?

FelixDa Sucker says:

Finnaly,a cat that doesnt go overreactive to water

FelixDa Sucker says:

2:26 lol

IlseNMapleweird 123 says:

This proves that not all cats hate the water , and dogs and cats CAN get along with each other

Kerys Harwin says:


Presenter (by Maria Kirkova) says:

we should clone them many times .. ..

Free Thinker says:

That's being involved with your pet's….. awesome pet owner!

Alien says:

Things like this make me still have faith in this world

XxRed dragonxX hart says:

Aww this is cute its like my Dog and muy cat ❤

Zosia von Esse says:

Ohh my god this is probably my favorite YouTube video

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