Butterfly Freedom Fail

This butterfly gains freedom, for a few seconds at least.

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Goose 6248 says:

I now the lady who's recording


BWAHAHAHHA! Nature is cruel, is it not?

Rich Money says:

I love these kind of videos, humans get a dose of the real world for a millisecond

Ambush says:

Bird: Welcome to the real world bitch

Denise Sudds says:

butterfly:FREEDOM! crow:suprise motherfu**er eats butterfly.

Gopool 99YT says:

illuminati comfirmed

Max Amps says:

ddddamn nature, you're scary

Cold blooded Critters says:

😀 – yea he just hatched this morning ☺️ – awww…that's sweet*chomp*🐦

Ronald Kristel says:

The buttervly new its get happen

Beanie Boo Lover U.S.A. says:

Aww, poor butterfly.

Spencer Hamm says:

Oh my gosh!!!!!! I lol!!!!
Butterfly heartbreaking simulator 2016!

IssyIsFasionablyLate ToTheChemicalDisco says:

Aw it didnt wanna let go and then when it finally got the courage it got dead

Sammie Thomas says:

Um really ?

Christian Bianco says:


meow23 says:

better movie that twilight

Jtornado Gaming says:


solesearched says:

I'd have a vendetta against every bird from that moment on 😬

Eva Košková says:

chudák motýl 😢

Landon-Minecraft And More says:

Screw that bird

xEndaahh says:

Well, the bird needs to live too…

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