A Very Happy Yule Log


Father Time says:

How Christmas should be.

have a great day says:

Awwe, thanks for the video and the furry friends. 😀

Desratlinda says:

(What happened to the BED???)…Did the critters take it with them?

Desratlinda says:

Awwwwww! Two pets waiting for Santa to come…Then the cat goes over to the tree to she what she got..(to funny!)

Alistair Gordon says:

Great playlist and video – thanks for this!

Jennifer Sawyer says:

Very well done. The little orange tomcat must've had a bit of coffee before filming. The doggie has a very endearing smile. They are sweet pals.

GW Gardenwife says:

Since our fireplace is unusable, I am big on Yule Log videos. This is a great one. I love seeing the critters; that really takes this to a higher level! I play the video muted and cast our favorite Christmas music to the soundbar.

vicky london111 says:

The BEST Xmas video ever seen!!! Fantastic, amazing music!!! Me and my all the family enjoy every evening watching it! Thank an author so much!

Angela Angela says:

oh my god such a nice kids on the coach i love them

Andrew Walsh says:

Just love this. Christmas is for the family pets too. Sweet. Thanks.

Riley Layton says:

I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!its so cute

Joe Hrudkaj says:

I hate this

Ty Trebbe says:

Here is a puppy Christmas fireplace video I enjoyed. The authenticity is refreshing in a way.

Kayra says:


Kira Brandt says:

Stab dut item van sugarbirds. B sg. Bjoorbnbenghhb. Day em nf bshegnanbsbnvsdmndbnskje. Sg. Dnfngmb.glfm. Iof, rum skf,pf. Swum,

Mr Cyte says:

The dog and cat are freaky as fuck. http://www.fyreplace.io is cozier without the weird animatronics

athanaisdc says:

u kno what i keep waitin 4 tho for real is that cat to get pisst off an start wappin at that dog u kn o how they do cats around a dog,,,a dog gon a get curious and poke his snout real close up to that cat face and that cat gon a be like nuh bihh wap then that dog gonna get runt right off wont see him on this cam no more after that but i bet it wont happen because i been watchin this dog long enuff 2 kno he kno better than 2 stick his nose in at the cat mabe he already get himself waped befor lmao1

athanaisdc says:

47:24 happy be like where the bed at lol cause they took it away after one of them dookied in it lol

athanaisdc says:

ahaha shit got real wen they had to take the bed away anyone else notic that? happy or happy dookied on that shit

athanaisdc says:

hey so listen up somebet ody callin hiself bigpinkbutt on tha other version on this shit says hallmark don tput this shit up on youtube anymore we need 2 change this cuz this i stha best shit to get high 2 around chrismas and laugh ya damn a$$ off for real

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