Two Pit bull Attack Small Dog


Lisa Nelson says:

Stupid dog owner, the little dog is terrified, and you put it in with 2 damn dogs that were bred to kill other dogs. Ignorant people, you idiots wishing the small dog to be killed are disgusting!!! You are probably the same shitbags out molesting children also

DdCLindana says:

This pitbulls are disgusting!-.- but they are owner very digusting! U, yeah, u idot! Learn u dogs demeanor!-.- idiot…

TheBob4646 says:

bite that ugly little piece of shit

Rae says:

Feel sorry for the bigger dogs. Seeing as the small dog has little to no discipline. One day you may regret it if one of them decides they can't take that bossy little thing anymore. Live in harmony, not in imbalance 🙂

jaxorbetter says:

Eat the ugly rat!

Alex Bissoon says:

1:28 next to the white black pit

Alex Bissoon says:

Aww look at the cute shih tzu in the background .. Those of you that don't know what shih tzu is… It's not the annoying rat that's barking

dricer14 says:

Lil rat had to be swalowed by those pussy pits

Colt45 says:

They annoy everyone

Farandula Mp3 says:

or killed it, those fucking dogs annoy the hell out of my dogs

Colt45 says:

I wish they would have swallowed that rat

Justin Barnes says:

No he didn't…. you never corrected him. Another crappy little dog owner. Congrats.

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