Mini Schnauzers welcoming home soldier

I surprised my two miniature schnauzers after coming home from my 12 month deployment in northern Afghanistan. Tucker (grey) is 4 years old and Abby (black) is 1-1/2 years old. Filmed by my wife Jennifer. We planned for the dogs to smell my bag and run towards the bedroom to look for me, and I was going to come through the front door and call them. But Tucker got too excited and found me!


davsny5 says:

Were they happy to see him? I couldn't tell?

Brettany Renée Blatchley says:

Ours is just like this too! Soooo excited she squeals!!

Gda Rippa says:

Mini Schnauzers are the best dogs

Jude says:

My Mini has really bad separation anxiety from being abandoned at one point in it's life so this happens every single time i enter the house! Cute but it gets annoying.

LJJ r. says:

I love schnauzers!!!!!

Pencil Pastel Dash says:

I have a basset Dash hound named Abby lol

Sophia T says:

Your schnauzers are adorable! I too have a schnauzer at home 🙂

gatorrulers says:

Aw so adorable! <3

Robert Wade says:

This brings tears to my eyes… I had two good buddies like these two for over 14 years. I miss them something awful.

Sarah says:

Yes, my dog does this when he see's a friend from California. Jake comes to visit a few times a year and Bentley goes out of control nuts. More so than any other human. He's always had a love for Jake!

James Downen says:

Did two tours in Afghanistan as well. Didn't have Minis back then (we have 3 now), but my Black Lab, Stella, wrapped herself around me like a scarf and wouldn't budge for an hour after my 07-08 tour.

davsny5 says:

As they say in old Italy , "Manga, manga, dast ahhh n–ice greetings from ah you r lovely little doggies!

John Smith says:

Great video. Love the way you put an item of dad's on the floor to make the minis really excited

Amir4Tutorial says:

Aww! So cute! My schnauzer does the exact same thing when I come home from school!

Lochy says:

my schnauzer gets excited when i came back from shopping.. (around 30mins at home with mum)

Steven Roberts says:

Our Schnauzer Dexter is like that if we leave him for an hour.

Xx8Spectre8xX says:

My puppy died today

critic101ism says:

best greeting ever!!!!! <3

miss_midge_6515 says:

2 happier "puppers" I think I never have seen.

Ginger Martin says:

I love videos like these.  Thank You for your service to our country!

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