Insane Cat Attacking Child



I would have stomped on the fucker.

Curesha Griffin says:

Stop hitting the cat in the face stupid ass owner the cat is stressed out and trying to defend its self

Chara Michel says:

kick the cat. honestly, url learn its lesson. or just stop being anxious. cats sense that and show it back.

sprikytjedog1234 puppy says:

Mittens does that to me

Rick Cruz says:

you little dumbass when you play with fire you get burned and your stupidity is only making it worse

I Refuse says:

At 1:48 that was funny

Jaho Vah says:

Stupid cunt kid could have trapped the cars paws in the door dumb fuck

Dark Times Happen. says:

I was laughing so hard when the cat attacked
hope that doesnt make me messed up

Frankieanonymous HAX says:


Dark shadow says:

You are soo retarded,you can't even take care of a tarantula

hakan turkmenli says:

just leave the fucking alone from that cat

Jonas Philipp says:

go cat slice that fatty

Soul's Rivera says:

Poor kid I feel so sorry.

Joey Bag Of Donuts says:

My stepmoms cat did this to me when i was little but in a more aggressive way and chased me until my dad scared her away

Lillacoix says:

He's provoking this poor cat! Cats and other animals do not like to be teased. Leave this poor cat alone! Children need to be taught how to respect animals.

Miena Mie says:

Why's the cat !!! That angry…???..i don't understand..😣😣😣🐱🐱🐱.

Kent bostrom says:

The brat is provoking it by approaching like a threat

Mike Foley says:

Kick it through the window.

Nasia Davis says:

The cat is ur boss now

That one Dank fox :0 says:

this is why I have dogs

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