Duke wants the ball in the middle of the pool


Slimey Egg YølQ says:

"Duke, do u want the ball?"

Spikey05 says:

Duke do you want the B A L L?

Duke the Dog says:

I still regret getting in that pool…….

Ava Spence says:


Jason wong says:

Duke do you want the ball?

Doug Macdonald says:

That seems incredibly odd to me, both of the Shepherds I've had would have flown into that pool in  heartbeat to get that ball. I would have had a whole lot harder time keeping them out of the pool than getting them into it. Nice lookin' boy though.

Julian2's Bean says:

I NEED MORE "Duke do you want the ball?"!!!!

Gent RBLX says:


A wild bottle appears

VintageSpinner says:

When all you know how to do is doggy paddle but don't feel safe enough to swim in the deep part yet

Acidity says:

These are some of the reasons why I love my 2 German sheppards (I have more pets)

Arthur Viegas Pires says:

que bonitinho

Sir Fishy The Fish says:

Duke, do you want the ball?

ItzMeCeCe says:

duke is so cute

Gaming XP says:

1:14 grabbed his leg

Werner M. Wahnsinnsfisch says:

i'd do the dog

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