dog saying “i love you”


Joshua Quinlon says:

Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne!!

Then wonderland of Kittens! :33 says:


Juanita Segoviano says:

it is so funny 馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃惗馃挒

Sara m Murabito says:

I'm remimded of a certain husky right now…..

醾篽uck 茲orris says:

That's stupid , i can do that -_- , i woov ewww :p

The2ofUs says:

Its really cute but he screams it

Kacey Dahunsi says:

Sooooo cuteee

hebneh says:

It's more like Odie screams "I love you" rather than says it.

Amber Rodriguez says:

Awwwwwe cute

dawson tyree says:

My uncles pug can do that


I think it's creepy

blackviking420 says:

That is cute

No says:

@andrew21slash at least that 'troll' got a thumbs up unlike you dumbass

Anna-Lena says:

tsss mishka is the top of the notch. go home pug 馃槈

Cierra Purple says:

adorable<3 wish my dog was like dat! 馃槢

TrueInnovator159 says:

haha! its sooo cute! But seriously though… it sounds like he's terrified and saying help me! haha

Jena Wilkinson says:

Omg. It sounds like a face less devil

Andrew Kerim says:

@cavedude186 what a troll

cavedude186 says:




supereldinho says:

Whoa, Frank is back…

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